Fundraising Ideas

Fifteen Ways to Raise a Dollar for Komen

1. Enroll a cadre of volunteers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to house-sit, pet-sit or babysit with earnings going toward a donation to Komen.

2. Explore donations from your church, garden club, Lion’s Club, Rotary, Canoe Club, Fishing Club or other affiliation. Provide them with an overview about Komen’s local programs and then “pass the plate”. Talking about why the cause is important to you will help inspire others!

3. Hold a potluck or other party, set a small fee to attend and charge for the food and refreshments you provide. Also request donations above the charges.

4. Encourage all kinds of small events: ice cream soda sales, hot dog barbecues, trash-for-cash bottle collections, garage sales, dinners, store donation jars, etc.

5. Have a holiday (4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) picnic where you provide the food. Then ask family, friends and neighbors for donations!

6. Have a block party in which everyone contributes something and set up paid activities like fortune-telling, food sales, flea market tables, etc.

7. Have a book sale and ask friends and booksellers for contributions of books.

8. Sell whatever experience, talent, or skills you possess – swimming lessons, knitting and crocheting lessons, dog-training, resume writing and revising, etc. and donate the earnings.

9.  All those posters, caps, buttons, t-shirts, etc. - anything you have which you got free - sell them to raise funds. You’ll be surprised what you have just sitting around that can be converted into some cash!

10. Consider registering at eBay to sell either items you have created or donations of goods you’ve collected!

11. Call your most loyal past donors and ask if they can help this year by increasing their usual gift, just a bit! Often such supporters will contribute more if you ask, and may have ideas for garnering additional support.

12. Approach a local school or teacher you have been working with and ask for a class to “adopt” you by telling people about you and helping to raise funds. Young people have energy and enthusiasm and teachers are usually looking for a socially relevant project for the entire class.

13. Contact a local group, business or prominent citizen you know celebrating a milestone or anniversary and ask if donations to their local Komen Affiliate - an important community resource - could be considered part of the celebration.

14. Hold a car wash with the local scout troop or students providing the labor and some local businesses donating the supplies you need.

Every dollar makes a difference - thank you for everything you do! Together we will find the cures.

Do you have a fundraising idea you'd like to share? Email and we will add your idea to this page!