Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control

This voluntary community partnership of more than 50 agencies has come together to create Oregon’s first comprehensive plan to control cancer. This plan provides a blueprint for actions to reduce the burden that cancer places on individuals, families and communities.

We are an active partner in this Comprehensive Cancer Control project.
For more information, call Sabrina Freewynn at 971-673-1121 or email her at: Sabrina.l.freewynn@state.or.us.

Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control Website

The Breast Health Task Force is a sub-committee of the Prevention Committee under the guidance of the Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control. The Breast Health Task Force meets monthly discuss the latest breast health information, develop training and speaking events and network with other breast health programs.  

The Breast Health Task Force meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 3pm at the State of Oregon office building at 800 NE Oregon St., Portland, Oregon.

These meetings are open to all interested individuals. The Conference call number is 1-888-380-9638 and the Participant code is 860349.

For more information and updated breast health statistics, see the BHTF Summary Sheet.