Free Breast Screenings and Treatment

NEW: Eligible women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are entitled to breast cancer treatment services through the Oregon Health Authority.

SB433 amends ORS 414.534 effective January 1, 2012, to take out the requirement that women must be screened through the Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program in order to receive treatment through the Oregon Health Authority (OHA.) The OHA will establish eligibility requirements through rule (ORS 414.534 and ORS 414.536, 2007; Federal Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act, 2000).

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Screening Program in Partnership with Oregon

Komen partners with the States of Oregon and Washington to fund free screening programs for individuals with limited incomes and who are uninsured or under-insured and who are:

1) In Oregon, women who are 40-64 years old.
2) Women under 40 with symptoms that may indicate breast cancer.
3) Men of all ages with symptoms that may indicate breast cancer (Oregon only).
4) In Washington, women who are 40-64 years of age who meet eligibility criteria.
5) Below 250% of the Federal Poverty Income Level (see below chart).

To find out if you qualify and obtain an appointment:
• Oregon residents: 1-877-255-7070
• SW Washington residents: 1-800-992-1817

Need assistance determining symptoms? Call us and we can help.
If you think you might be experiencing symptoms, please call us at 503-552-9160 and we will help you with the next step! Empower yourself; be an advocate for your own breast health! We're here to help.

More Information on Screening Programs

The Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer Program partners with a network of healthcare providers throughout the state to provide free breast and cervical cancer screening services to eligible patients. The providers in the network include primary care providers, surgeons, imaging facilities, labs, and others.

Health care providers in Oregon interested in joining the BCCP provider network should call 971-673-0581 for information.
Please see for more details.

Additional Resources
If you do not qualify for our free screening program but are seeking free/low-cost medical care, we can recommend the following resources:

The National College of Natural Medicine offers $20 doctors visits to women who are uninsured or underinsured, along with discounted lab tests and prescriptions. They have one clinic in Gresham that performs low-cost gynecological exams. Call 503-552-1515 to schedule an appointment

Sliding Scale Mammography List - Click here to obtain a list of facilities in the Portland metro area that offer lower-cost mammograms to uninsured/underinsured women

Project Access NOW503-413-5541, helps low income, uninsured women in the Portland metro area get connected to treatment that may be needed AFTER they have a diagnosis from a mammogram. Your provider must submit a referral to Project Access NOW.